Cinema Hall Seats

Cinema Hall Seats

Stars Furniture India presents an extensive collection of steel-framed designs, showcasing a fusion of style and functionality. Each piece features a durable steel structure meticulously finished with a powder-coated layer, ensuring longevity and a sleek appearance.

The incorporation of high-density foam guarantees superior comfort, while the chairs are thoughtfully equipped with arms boasting both wooden and ABS cup holders. Our diverse range of furniture exemplifies modern innovation and ergonomic design. The steel framework not only guarantees robustness but also adds a contemporary touch to your living spaces. The powder-coated finish not only enhances visual appeal but also provides protection against wear and tear, making our furniture a lasting investment. Moreover, the high-density foam used in our creations promises luxurious seating experiences, ensuring relaxation and support. The inclusion of wooden and ABS cup holder arms in our chairs adds an element of convenience, making it easy to enjoy your favorite beverages while unwinding. At Stars Furniture India, we are dedicated to crafting furniture that combines aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Our steel-framed designs with powder-coated finishes, high-density foam, and versatile chair arms reflect our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle through well-designed and thoughtfully constructed furniture pieces.

From Cushions to Fabric to Steel all our raw materials are manufactured here in Delhi,India to give maximum comfort for the seating

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We at Stars Furniture India uses fabric which is dust, anti bacterial resistant and comes with food stain properties which can be washed with zero impact on our quality fabric


At Stars Furniture India, we use cushions which are uniquely manufactured with antibacterial properties and high density for cushioning comfort needs.


We at Stars Furniture India use engineered plastic components for the chair and its plastic is based on the utility and their properties which are sturdy and non brittle


We use of plywood which is termite resistant and holds the cushions in place


We at Stars Furniture India use premium quality steel which comes with scratch resistant for long durability

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