Recliner Chairs

Recliner Chairs

Our Recliner Chairs are designed to give you maximum comfort and they add elegance to your place.Our chairs are compact and light- weighted and come in a variety of designs to enhance the multiplex experience. Our range is famous for quality designs and patterns.

From Cushions to Fabric to Steel all our raw materials are manufactured here in Delhi,India to give maximum comfort for the seating

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We at Stars Furniture India uses fabric which is dust, anti bacterial resistant and comes with food stain properties which can be washed with zero impact on our quality fabric


At Stars Furniture India, we use cushions which are uniquely manufactured with antibacterial properties and high density for cushioning comfort needs.


We at Stars Furniture India use engineered plastic components for the chair and its plastic is based on the utility and their properties which are sturdy and non brittle


We use of plywood which is termite resistant and holds the cushions in place


We at Stars Furniture India use premium quality steel which comes with scratch resistant for long durability

Our Recliner Chairs Products